stressed skin

What Do Studies Show?

The study surveyed 2000 UK adults with most issues showing finance and family life attributing to 32% of cases. Stress in jobs at 26%. Generation X group aged 45 to 54 years had the highest stress levels.

Women aged 45 to 54 years within menopausal age found hair loss to be an issue.

stressed skin

How can I resolve this issue with topicals?

The skin is the largest organ in the body. Lifestyle, stress can affect skin problems. To resolve issues with skin a healthy lifestyle, a well balanced diet, exercise including yoga will help with physical and mental health aspects.

Topical products applied to facial skin will greatly benefit. Vitamin C based serums will protect, brighten, hydrate the skin and increase Collagen synthesis. Topical vitamin A’s used at nighttime will help with cell turnover, pigmentation issues, breakouts, improve skin tone and texture and increase depth of dermal tissues.

A consultation should be provided by a skin specialist to ensure correct products are used based on a skin assessment. Using incorrect products can cause more harm than good. Medical grade topical products are best for results with skin concerns and contain a percentage of active products.

skin stress
how stress affects the skin
how stress affects the skin
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