Skin blemishes can refer to a number of skin irregularities, including: age spots, milia and cherry angiomas.
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What Are Skin Blemishes?

These conditions are usually benign lesions (non-cancerous), but can be unwanted if their location is noticeable to others, such as on the face. Age spots usually lie flush with the skin’s surface.

They appear as small round patches of darker skin that disrupt its overall even tone. Cherry angiomas and milia on the other hand, can be slightly raised from the skin’s surface.

They are also usually quite small in size, and commonly develop on the face. Prema is understanding of a person’s desire to improve their appearance, and will assess any blemish / skin lesion thoroughly before recommending the most suitable treatment option.

What Are the Causes of Skin Blemishes?

Age spots are mainly caused by exposure to the sun. An overproduction of pigment in the skin (melanin) can accumulate in an isolated spot which eventually becomes visible on the skin’s surface.

The cause of a cherry angioma is a little unclear, but it’s thought that genetics may be linked. With milia, it’s the accumulation of dead skin cells getting trapped under new skin cells that’s the cause. If they are not effectively sloughed away (exfoliated) they can harden and form a small lump.

Skin Blemishes
Skin Blemishes
Skin Blemishes

What Is the Treatment for Skin Blemishes?

In many cases of skin blemishes, destroying the cells in the unwanted lesion will facilitate its removal from the skin’s surface. Cryotherapy is a safe and effective way of doing this, and at Prema we use the Cryopen for its precision and accuracy. One treatment session may be all that’s required to restore the skin’s even texture and tone.

What concerns are related to Skin Blemishes?

  • Age spots - small dark patches of skin
  • Cherry angiomas - small red growths on the surface of the skin
  • Milia - small white cysts that can appear singularly or in a cluster
Skin Blemishes

Treatments Spotlight

cryopen portsmouith

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Cryopen is a unique device used to address a wide range of skin blemishes, including: age spots (sun spots), milia, skin tags, warts and cherry angiomas.

Skin Resurfacing

Treatment Category

Skin Resurfacing

Rejuvenate the complexion and reduce the appearance of common skin concerns, including: acne scarring, lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots and sun damage

freckles treatment

Treatment Category

Pigmentation Treatment

At Prema we use the M22 laser, which includes Stellar IPL and ResurFX, as safe and effective treatments for pigmentation.

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