Astigmatism refers to an irregularly shaped eyeball, when one or both eyeballs are shaped more like a rugby ball than a football.
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What is Astigmastism?

This condition can lead to complications with sight as light rays will focus at more than one point on the lens.

Due to the specific shape of the eye, the cornea (lens) can also have an irregular curvature, bending light rays in a different direction than is required for clearer vision.

An optician will be able to diagnose astigmatism during an eye examination which checks the health of the eye, and how light bends when it enters. Due to how the light is distributed within the eye, this condition can cause blurring with both near and distance vision.

What Are the Causes of Astigmatism?

Due to extensive clinical research, there are strong indications for genetics being the cause of astigmatism.

It is thought that many cases of astigmatism are present from birth (a congenital condition). However if it develops later on, injury, trauma or a medical eye condition (pterygium or keratoconus) may be the determining factor. This condition tends to remain as it is, and does not progress further or get worse over time.


What Is the Treatment for Astigmatism?

Many people with astigmatism wear glasses or contact lenses to improve the clarity of their vision.

However for a more permanent solution, Prema may suggest one of our laser surgery options, including: LASIK, ICL or RLE. If pterygium or keratoconus is found to be the cause, a therapeutic treatment (such as cross-linking) may be more effective at stabilising the condition.

What concerns are related to Astigmatism?

  • Difficulty with night driving
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Both near vision and distant vision difficulties
  • Eye strain (asthenopia)

Treatments Spotlight

Keratoconus Treatments

Treatment Category

Keratoconus Treatments

Keratoconus treatments: specialist contact lenses, corneal collagen cross-linking, topography guided laser, (ICL) and corneal transplantation.

Laser Eye Surgery

Treatment Category

Laser Eye Surgery

At Prema, we use LASEK as one method for safe and effective laser eye surgery. We can treat common sight concerns such as: hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.


Treatment Category


The most popular laser eye surgery is LASIK. It’s used to treat common concerns we refer to as refractive errors, including: astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia.

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